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Aug 7, 2013
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Hey Android Central!!!!!

We were so happy to see that there's a 2013 N7 section on Android Central's Forums. Hopefully a few of your will have heard of our skins, but for anyone who's not familiar, feel free to check out the most recent review of our Nexus 4 skins.

We just completed and launched our offering for the Nexus 7 a few days ago, and wanted to share it with you all. We won't bore you with too many details, but here are the key points:
  • Made in Canada using only authentic 3M vinyl
  • Guaranteed to not leave any adhesive residue
  • Supremely precise fit (we measure each skin hundreds, if not 1000+ times before finalizing the dieline)
  • Genuine textures that reflect the light accordingly and have true depth
  • Fast, Worldwide shipping for $3, regardless of order quantity
  • You can mix'n'match front/back pieces at no extra charge using our interactive purchase interface
  • We love drawing stuff. Ask for a drawing during the Special Instructions section of checkout and we'll hook it up :)
You can order the skin without the "nexus" cutouts at no extra charge, just write "NO NEXUS" in the Special Instructions. Same applies if you want "JUST THE X CUTOUT"

Pre-orders began today. We'll be shipping them on the 8th so that delivery lines up with the release of our how-to-apply tutorial video. One of the biggest pitfalls of skins is that, regardless of how precise the fit is, it really comes down to how well the skin has been applied by the end-user. We remedy this by offering kickass, high production-value, concise tutorial videos. You can view an example here.

Price is $8 for the front, $12 for the back. We're in the process of taking mind-blowing photos of the device in every skin style, but you can see some temporary photos by clicking the style of skin you want to preview below.

Red Carbon
Black Carbon
White Carbon
Dark Titanium
Light Titanium
Black Leather
White Leather
True Color Red
True Color Orange
True Color Yellow
True Color Green
True Color Blue

You can buy them now by clicking here.

We'll also go ahead and answer some questions that we know are going to come up sooner or later:

Q: Do the corners peel up?
A: Absolutely not! We have designed the skin and tested it thoroughly and can guarantee that the corners will never peel or bunch up.

Q: Why doesn't it go EDGE-TO-EDGE??!?!!!! I WANT BETTER COVERAGE!!!
A: As do we, sir-yells-a-lot. The coverage we offer is limited to 5.12mm from the edge (yes.. exactly 5.12mm) for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the soft-touch rubbery material that the N7 is made of does not bond well with the 3M adhesive. This means that if we were to extend the skin even 1 extra millimeter, it would peel up over time. Not only that, but the rounded corner would end up being larger, meaning potential for the corner to peel up easily. The second reason is for the feel. What does that mean? It means that, if the skin were extended any further, the material would give you a sharp feeling on your fingers when holding the device. The coverage we offer makes the skin imperceptible to the touch.

Q: Well, if you're saying the rubbery backside doesn't bond well with the adhesive, doesn't that mean my skin is going to come off over time?
A: Not at all. The Nexus 4 is a similar situation. The material sticks to the device, but (when you're ready to remove it), it comes off so easily that you'll have wondered how it stayed stuck there at all! Because of our precision and thoroughly planned coverage, the adhesive bonds very nicely to the area it covers. Once you're ready to remove, it won't be a death-struggle between the skin and device. The skin will remove and (if the lettering is removed carefully), be quite re-usable.

I'll be checking back in daily, feel free to post up with any questions you may have!


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Jul 18, 2012
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Looks really nice, I'm tempted. I have a poetic slimline case on order, but I'm loving the feel of the N7-2 "naked". A splash of color might be nice... :)


Gave in & pre-ordered a green back. Hope to post back soon with a positive review. ;)
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Jul 27, 2013
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I think the default skin to the nexus looks just fine, after all, it's part of the premium design of the device, and hence part of the price, which seems kind of foolish to cover up. Are these any better than soft touch for gripping?

One thing I'd like to see in a skin for the nexus 7, or really any tablet, is a very padded skin, much more so than a standalone case. Something similar to the fluffiness you feel inside of a pair of shoes...except more like a memory foam made out of soft touch-ish material, perhaps approaching something like 1/8th of an inch in thickness, or less or more (would require some testing to find a right balance). I'm not sure what material exists that fits the bill, but I know it would become insanely popular for tablets if such a skin existed. It could offer many benefits such as a decent degree of fall protection (more so inside of a case), and would essentially conform the tablet to the fingers for easier care free holding. Just imagine your fingers sinking slightly into the back of the tablet skin as you hold it, that would feel pretty nice to hold and could potentially more than double the surface contact with the tablet, allowing for a great grip.


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Dec 6, 2009
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Question on the front skin, does it cover only the bezel area or is it a clear cover over the screen area as well?

Update 10 days after asking question still no answer from dbrand, plus no answer to an email sent directly to customer care a few days later via the dbrand web site. You guys go to sleep or don't care to sell product??

Another update - I did receive a reply via Email from customer care answering the question. The answer is at this time the front skin only covers the bezel area.
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