Droid 4 - Installing custom ROM, not sure if I have an SD card(?), did my root work?


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Nov 16, 2012
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- Pretty sure I rooted successfully w/ ICS404root, not sure how to check.

- Can't seem to find my SD card for installing a ROM (eclipse) seems like I don't have one.

- Want to install a custom ROM (and hopefully wipe, too much bloat), I usually get told to download some handy rom manager and it ends up not supporting Droid 4.

I've been attempting to root and install a custom ROM on my Droid 4, mainly because of the massive amount of 'bloatware' with Droid 4; I've read around a lot but am completely stuck. I am pretty sure I rooted successfully w/ ICS404root. I was attempting to install Eclipse (CM for Droid 4 seems to be down everywhere I go). I was using the 'noob guide' w/ pics found at droidforums.net but I'm not sure how to install from my SD card, or perhaps I don't have one (possible?), I can't select the option to goto my SD card in motocast and I see no way to view what is on it via the Droid itself. Under My Computer I can goto I: MOT but I'm not sure how to access the SD card. I copied the 'recommended files' to MOT (set Droid to mass storage), but I don't know how to install bootstrap. There are a lot of guides I've been reading but I'm completely stumped and have a feeling I'm going to brick the thing if I don't get some advice first.