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May 17, 2010
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Ok so I wanted to download a couple sick games to show off my new GS2 processor and thought I would start with the $0.99 Gameloft Back to School games. However when I went to the market they wouldnt show up on my phone. Now I tried also going to the market website on my laptop and there I could see the games but when I went to purchase my phone was in grey or in other words saying it was incompatible with my phone? This is so not true since Ive got NOVA 2 on the phone and if I launch the gameloft website from my browser on the phone it clearly recognizes my phone and will let me download the games for $4.99 a piece. Wondered if any of you saw this and got around it...also would love to know any other great games to use the epic processors we got on this phone.