HTC One M8 unusable! How can I get it working again?


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HTC One M8 unusable!

Okay, so earlier this week the latest marshmallow update popped up and so as usual I began downloading and installing it. I left my phone on charge, pressed update and left it. During install the phone restarted per usual but came to a black screen with a red triangle with exclamation mark (uh oh!).

I searched online and found how to get to the bootloader. Tried rebooting several times but no luck. I went to recovery, cleared cache, rebooted and nothing happened. Then chose factory reset (I have a backup). still no luck rebooting. Followed many guides on how to fix it using TWRP and placing img files on sd card. Now my phone just powers on to bootloader every time. I can still get into TWRP and fastboot and such.

I am quite certain that my phone has been completly wiped, drivers an all except the OS is still displayed in the bootloader. I just want my phone to be working again.

HTC One M8 unlocked, current carrier: giffgaff (O2 network)

images attached. couldn't rotate them.

Please help ASAP


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: HTC One M8 unusable!

Try to flash the stock ROM. (Putting TWRP on it voids the carrier's responsibility.) Then take it to the carrier and tell them that it stopped working after the update. (I don't know UK law, but in the US, if they break it, and sending it an update that breaks it is breaking it, they have to fix or replace it.)


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Feb 3, 2016
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Re: HTC One M8 unusable!

Thanks for replying. I tried flashing with TWRP which didnt seem to do anything. I am unsure how to remove TWRP. Also i wasn't aware that the carrier is responsible for any updates. I assumed that was an android thing. My phone is not locked to any carrier, if that helps.

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