HTC U11 Buyer Beware


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Jun 28, 2018
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The U11 Verizon version phone I purchased directly from HTC does not work. My previous phone HTC One worked with Verizon and my home location with no problems. I purchased for $701.12 the new model in good faith. After a month, I contacted them that it was not working. I was getting dropped calls and my voice could not be heard on incoming or outgoing calls. After putting up with it for almost a year, and trouble shooting with both Verizon and HTC, I discovered by internet investigation that HTC built the U11 without wifi calling. A normal consumer would not be aware this would be an issue. They deceived the public by promoting a Verizon phone, differently built than their other ones, that was going to have trouble if it needed wifi calling to function as a phone. There were no disclaimers. In fact, on their website they show how to turn on wifi calling with the U11 yet there is not that capability in it! There is no disclaimer to show that wifi is not built on the Verizon version. This is deception to normal consumers who don't have technical background. They will not refund my money and I am left with a phone useless for making calls. They cannot repair it under their year warranty to include wifi calling so it will work on Verizon in my home and town. Their new model U12 does have wifi calling because of the numerous complaints they received, again showing their guilt in being deceptive with the U11 model. Their insistence that I purchased a phone that did not include wifi calling in the actual specifications amongst a long list of technical jargon that few consumers would understand, does not reflect on their integrity as a business.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Well ... you do have a case for false advertising, but I don't think any attorney is going to be partnered with a legal firm in Taiwan, so while you have a case, you can't bring it. (Or maybe it could be brought against its American [Bellevue, WA] software development arm.)