Lock screen podcast/music player question


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Aug 14, 2013
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I listen to a lot of podcasts at work and I use the pro (paid for) version of BeyondPod. I like it but I have one question and I don't know if it's the app or a setting on my phone.
Here is what is happening - when I listen to podcasts and the screen turns off, when you press the center (home) button to turn the screen on to get to your lock screen, sometimes it will be my normal lock screen (draw a pattern to unlock) and sometimes it will show podcast info with a skip back/forward and a pause button.
My question is, what determines whether or not this pause button comes up or not?
I like having it in case someone comes to talk to me I can just press the home button and hit pause as opposed to having to turn the phone on, draw the pattern and then having to hit pause.
My phone is set to turn off the screen after a minute and I have not noticed any difference of listening with headphones or just the speaker. It seems totally random and I want to have that pause button always there.