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James Falconer

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Nov 1, 2012
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Howdy all,

It's time for a quick 'refresh' of the 'Meet Your Moderators' thread! The moderation team here at Android Central is a great bunch, and they do all they can every day to encourage conversation, stomp spam, and find answers to the questions you are looking for. Bottom line, they want to make your forums experience as enjoyable as possible. They volunteer their valuable time, and bring a passion to this community that is greatly appreciated.

Many of our moderators past and present have also posted a mini bio to give you the members a little more background on who we are so sit back and have a read below for more information on our team!

- The Android Central Moderation Team

Moderator Team Leader

Almeuit- email


SydneyCooper1979 - Sergeant at Arms
Javier P - Ambassador Team Leader

Since 2015
Laura Knotek - Caporegime
Almeuit - Team Leader & Mod Boss

Since 2014
VDub2174 - Caporegime
davidnc - Caporegime
dpham00 - Underboss
Ry - Caporegime

Since 2013
*B. Diddy - Senior Ambassador
*Golfdriver97 - Trusted Member Team Leader

Since 2012
Paul627g - AC All-Star, Former MTL

Since 2010
*Kevin O'Quinn - MTL emeritus & Consigliere

Since 2009
*Jerry Hildenbrand - Space Cowboy

Many thanks to our retired moderators

Patrick Schroedl
Jennifer Stough
Kevin O'Quinn
Cyber Warrior
Kevin Gossett
Chris Kerrigan
Big D5
Jorge Olivera

* Denotes Honorary Moderator Position
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Nov 16, 2010
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Hello everyone.

I’m from Southern California - San Diego & Riverside counties. I'm currently working as a project manager at a healthcare software/hardware provider, but with a past in mobile gaming and entertainment going back to the feature phone days with J2ME and BREW up to iOS and Android.

As far as my mobile devices, take a look at my past phones and feel free to add yours to that thread. I’m always fascinated to hear where people are coming from and see where they’re headed. My phone history looks a little one-sided (HELLOMOTO), but it doesn’t include having to help out family and friends with devices like the iPhone line and all of the Galaxy S and Note phones.

When I’m not nerding out over mobile phones, I’m nerding out over Transformers, Marvel and DC live action entertainment, San Diego Chargers football, Chicago Bulls basketball, and San Diego State Aztecs athletics.

I love the openness that Android as a platform brings and I feel that the community built up here at Android Central is one of the best around. Looking forward to keeping the conversation going.
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Apr 23, 2011
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Hello all - When the iPhone and Droid first came out, I really saw no reason to get one. My first smartphone was the HTC Thunderbolt, which originally I got to use Netflix and Skype mainly due to it being the first 4GLTE smartphone. But slowly, I enjoyed using the phone and learning about how it worked. From there I moved on to the HTC Rezound, Droid Razr Maxx, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II, and am currently using the Galaxy Note 3. In just 3 years, smartphones have evolved a lot and I can only imagine how much technology will advance in the next few years.

I was a little shocked quite honestly when I was offered a Moderator position. I didn't think that I posted in an extra-ordinary manner that would make anyone really notice me and there are people on here much more knowledgable than me. I hope that I will be able to contribute in making Android Central a better place.

A little bit about myself, I live in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter and outside of Android, I have enjoyed tinkering and working with cars and computers as well as a modest DVD collection (which is pretty worthless today). As some of you who have read my posts may be aware, I also enjoy the thrill of hunting for good deals.

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Jun 8, 2010
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Hey Everybody, :)
My name is David and I grew up in a small town , in North Carolina . I did move up to north-west Michigan where I made many new friends. I lived not to far from the Canadian border.

I have had a couple smartphones before purchasing an android phone those being the Moto Q, and the Blackberry 8330.My first android phone was the original HTC Incredible. Actually after ordering that online and waiting for it to be delivered I joined Android Central. The other android phones I have owned are the Motorola DX, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Moto X, Moto X 2nd Generation, and the newest phones are Moto Nexus 6 and LG G4(H815),Moto X Pure Edition, Nexus 6p, IPhone SE and Pixel ( sailfish)Black 128 GB .I have yet to sell any of my phones I just prefer to keep them.

I was surprised but thrilled to be offered a Moderator position. I think Android Central is a great site for general information, helping people solve their phone issues, and giving tips/guides on how to use their phones. I will strive to do my part in keeping Android Central a great place to come for their needs. If I can ever be any help don't hesitate to PM me.

Thanks to all the past and present Moderators, Ambassadors, Administrators for making it great. Also the regular members that provide information to help others out. I guess that about sums it up ,ha :)
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Dec 28, 2009
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Hey y'all!!

I recently became a Mod here at AC after being an Ambassador for a little over a year. I've been a member of Android Central since 2009 which is when my smartphone obsession truly started. You can find me all over the forums reading up on all the different devices that come out.

At the beginning of this month I was asked to become a Moderator. I was a bit surprised when Paul627g sent me a message asking if I was interested in becoming a Mod. I thought he was going to talk to me about something pertaining to the Ambassador program but to my surprise, he wanted to offer me a Mod position. I gladly accepted and I assumed I was offered the position because I pretty much live on this site :p

I work full-time at NJ Taxation and also have a part-time job at Best Buy Mobile. I probably got the job at Best Buy Mobile because I told the hiring manager that I have an obsession with mobile phones....haha

Anyway, I hope to help out as many people as I can on the forums so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM :)
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Apr 17, 2012
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Hello all,

I am Almeuit and I am the Moderator Team Lead here at Android Central. I joined back in the day when I was simply trying to learn a few things about my phone. I came across Android Central and found a community of nerds like me and joined instantly. I have really enjoyed every minute of it and still say this is one of the best communities out there.

A little about me (to not make this long winded) -- I love technology and have found a big love for the various phones out there. I am one of those "Chronic Phone Switchers" that everyone talks about. The longest I have had a phone in the past 2-3 years has been ... 5-6 months total? Yes, I am aware I have a problem :p (I have even ventured into the Apple area to try it out). I am currently using a Pixel 2 XL (128GB) Black -- I love it. Snappy as all get out and I love knowing I get patches from Google without worry! :). Still going strong on that Pixel 2 XL and plan to keep it until the Pixel 3.

If you ever have any questions in the community or need some assistance do not hesitate to send me a PM. I will do my best to help out.

See you around the forums!

- Almeuit
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Laura Knotek

Moderator Captain
Jan 8, 2011
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Hi folks,

My name is Laura Knotek, and I am a Moderator at AndroidCentral and WindowsCentral. Some of you might remember me as “lak611”, which was my user name when I first joined as a member of CrackBerry back in 2009.

My smartphone history started with Nokia Symbian. Then I got a BlackBerry, and a friend of mine suggested that I join CrackBerry. I used BlackBerry from June 2009 to April 2012. Then I switched to Windows Phone and became an Ambassador and later a Moderator at WindowsCentral. I switched my mobile platform from Windows Phone to Android in March 2015, but I still use desktop Windows (as well as desktop Linux, which I’ve used since 2006).

I love technology and have a degree in IT Networking.

My Android devices currently are a Moto X Pure Edition and a Nexus 7 (2013).

When I’m not here on the forums, I’m probably at Starbucks having coffee.

I enjoy all things tech related and would love to help you with anything that I’m able to do.
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