my lg stylo 3 has been rooted however i am unable to move apps to sd card.


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Feb 12, 2012
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One has nothing to do with the other. Rooting installs the su file, which allows apps that need elevation to root privilege to call it (and, since it's not like full Linux, you also install an app that grabs the request so you can say yes or no, then records your choice for future requests).

"Moving an app to the SD card" isn't what it sounds like. The app is moved in pieces, probably one class at a time, and each piece leaves a link in internal storage pointing to where it is on the SD card. (Android looks in internal storage.) If the piece moved isn't appreciably larger than a link, you haven't freed up much space. (And if it's smaller than a link, you've wasted more space.)

Also, some apps (or actually some classes) just.won''re.on.the.SD.card. And you can't change that. (Neither can the developer.) So the developer turns off the ability to "move" the app to the SD card. (Otherwise you'd move it, then complain that it doesn't work and, after a few emails back and forth, he'll finally realize that you moved it to the SD card and tell you that it won't work that way. That's another hour not developing his current project. Multiply that by a few thousand users, and he's no longer an app developer, he's an email answerer.)

The "not enough space" message refers to internal storage only. Move files - pictures, music, videos, documents, maps, anything like that - that's all the card is for. If you need more space to store apps, you need a phone with more internal storage. (Which is why, when I bought a phone at the beginning of this year, I bought the 128GB version. I plan to keep it for a while a it doesn't take SD cards (Pixel 2). I have no need for 128GB right now, but in 3 or 4 years, if I don't replace it (I get updates to R, Android 11, and security updates for another year), so unless something totally new comes out in hardware (like a fingerprint scanner - my old phone was over 4 years old, worked fine [and still does], I won't be replacing it until Google replaces Java apps with some language they can't update this phone to.) And considering that I download apps just to see what question someone is asking, then forget to uninstall it for months, I'll probably need 128GB by 2022.

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