My Pixel Fold vs Samsung Fold⁴ Review

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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So I bought the Pixel Fold and really liked it, but I decided to try the Galaxy Fold 5 hands on as well. I used the Fold 5 for the last 3 days. I think the phone itself feels a little “nicer” than the Pixel Fold. I definitely don’t like how the Pixel Fold doesn’t open to 180 degrees, so it wobbles when I lay it on a flat surface while open. I also don’t like how the Pixel Fold heats up. That has to be hard on battery life and longevity of the components in the phone. However, the dimensions on the outside screen still make a huge difference for me. It’s awkward using the Fold 5 front screen. I also much prefer AndroidOS without the Samsung UI and software additions. I can tell the battery life is a little better on the Fold 5. Photos are for sure better on the Pixel Fold, and the zoom is so much better. I am keeping the Pixel Fold. I wish the Pixel Fold had the feel of the slightly better crafted Fold 5, and I wish the phone didn’t get warm. Otherwise, I think the Pixel Fold is the better phone for me personally. It seems like the reviewers prefer the Fold 5, but I do not.

I also bought the Pixel Buds Pro and the Galaxy Pro Buds 2. I prefer the Galaxy Pro Buds 2 better. Sound quality was about the same, but the GPB2 fit better in my ears. I do like the gestures available for the Pixel Buds, but they just don’t fit as comfortably in my ears.

I also got the Pixel Watch for free from Verizon with my Pixel Fold purchase. I have used it with both phones and plan to keep it as well. I thought about trying out the new Galaxy watches, but I enjoy the form factor of the Pixel Watch and the lack of Samsunginess in the OS (plus I run and like the Fitbit integration in the Pixel Watch). Eager to see when the Pixel Watch 2 is coming out and what improvements it will include.

I hope that additional info helps anyone else looking at these same phones. It’s hard to beat holding them both in your hand and using it as your phone for a few days even the reviews are super helpful.

(Fold 5 pictured with the Samsung thin case with kickstand. Pixel Fold pictured in the Pitaka case from Amazon)
Extremely well done review, thanks for the time and effort 😉 The side by side open comparison really shows the different aspect ratios... I personally like the pixel much more. No wonder those wallpapers look so gorgeous on it 😍 Plus the front screen ratio and overall size is definitely what I would go for. I think the pixel hit the perfect size for a foldable.

I'm also a huge pixel fan..... I might be in trouble here 😁

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