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Feb 18, 2013
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Have y'all seen this new article from Russell? A look at the One M9, S6 edge, LG G4, and Droid Turbo through the Flir One | Android Central

Very interesting.

My take aways from the article:

  • The G4 body doesn't dissipate the heat as well as the Droid and the HTC phones -- that's interesting, in that my own experience tells me that a "naked" G4 (leather back, no case) seemed less annoyingly hot than one in a thick case, in that (I believe) the case kept the heat from escaping out the back of the phone and hence the screen felt hotter. (or I could be on drugs, and it makes no difference!)
  • The S6 Edge gets just as hot as the G4 (I wonder about the S6?) -- so there goes some of the "avoid the G4 and go with a Sammy!" arguments
  • I wonder what would have happened if the thermal camera had been pointing at the screens instead of the back of the phone?

Anyways, we can for sure say that in Russell's experiments the G4 was not much worse than its main competition.


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Feb 12, 2012
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120 degrees F for a radio transmitter heat sink isn't considered anything out of the ordinary. It may make your hand sweat in 95 degree weather, but with gloves on in the winter you probably wouldn't notice it. (It's considered too cold to be considered "hot water" in a house.)

It's an interesting comparison, but it doesn't really mean much.