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Question about updating to KitKat without losing wifi hotspot....


New member
Sep 27, 2013
Hi Guys,
Quick question(I hope)......I currently have ROM Manager Premium v5.5.3.7 installed on my phone and am using Cyanogen Mod. I Have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint), SPH-L710, Android 4.1.2, MD4. I am tired of the incessant reminders to update but I don’t want to lose my wifi hotspot ability.

It appears that Cerberus 2.5.1 on ROM Manager will work with the update so now I can finally update to KitKat.

My question is…should I do the update THEN go into ROM Manager and install Cerberus? Or install Cerberus THEN do the update? I am limited to the ROMs that are currently available on ROM Manager since my charging port is broken on my phone. If there is another program similar to ROM Manager that I can download with my phone without having to connect to a laptop, don’t hesitate to let me about that also.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, just want to confirm what I think I should do before I actually do it since you guys know a lot more about this than I do. Thanks!