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Aug 4, 2015
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I'm planning to get an s9 for myself and my daughter tomorrow before the bogo sale is over at ATT.

My daughter is about to turn 10 and she kind of needs a phone. But she's not very careful.

And I've always used otterbox defender series (have one for my s6 now) and like them and I know I'll need one for my daughter.

But the s9's otterbox cases seem different in that they don't come with any screen protector. I did some searches and didn't see much on here about the otterbox screen protector.

The defender cases can be bought for much less on amazon than directly from otterbox but the OtterBox ALPHA GLASS SERIES Screen Protector seems about the same price on amazon as on the otterbox site. About $45.

Has anyone had any experience with these Alpha glass protectors? Are they worth the price? Doesn't look like I can get fast shipping from amazon on the alpha glass protectors either. Not sure if I can find someplace local to buy one.

** added - the reviews for the otterbox protectors are not good at all! I saw where people have recommended the Whitestone Dome but that just seems like so much trouble to attach. I don't know that I really need glass though either. The one that I have for my s6 is plastic, and really I'm ok with that. I just want the screen to be safe from scratches - especially for my daughter.

Also, my s6 didn't have an sd slot, but I got a phone with 128 GB storage. I'm looking at the 256 G for myself - the prices on amazon are all over the price. Anyone use a 256 with the s9? And any suggestions for good prices for reliable micro sd cards?

sorry this is so long!
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Feb 12, 2012
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1. Whitestone is about the best glass protector there is for curved screens, but you're right, you don't need glass - a plastic protector actually protects the screen against shock better (and that's not likely to happen in a Defender case, is it?) They're a bit expensive, though. I wish they sold them without the light - I don't need another UV light. And that's probably a large part of the price.

2. SanDisk SD cards. Period. It's like Otterbox. SanDisk invented the technology, they manufacture the chips in the card (there's a whole little computer in the card) and if you have a problem with the card (I've been in the business a long time - today is the first time I ever heard of anyone having a problem with a SanDisk - I broke one once, but that's different.), they have live chat on their site, SanDisk microSD Tech Support (upper right). If they can't get you going, they'll replace the card. (Most cards have a 5 year warranty, some have a lifetime warranty. And in 5 years, a 256GB card won't be anything you'd be worrying about. 5 years ago, a 16GB card was considered enormous.)

So I'd go with a plastic protector for both of them - nothing fancy. I don't know if they're still 3/$5, but that kind of protector. (I still have the 2 spares from the pack I bought in 2014.) And the Defender, of course. (Don't try it, but my Note 3 - in a Defender - got thrown against a wall, screen side flat to the wall. Didn't damage the phone, didn't damage the case, didn't even leave a mark on the wall. My Pixel 2 is now also in a Defender.)

(The reason the S9 case doesn't come with a protector is because of the curved screen. I've seen that on a few other cases. A defender with a flat screen protector and a curved screen just wouldn't work right.

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