S7: Black Screen + e:failed to find /misc partition


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Jul 15, 2018
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Hi i've a problem to a Samsung S7 (SM-G930F) which recently started to heats up (up to 50°C) and sometimes shuts down even if the battery is 90% and there is no way to turn it on (i've tried any combination of buttons that i've found on the internet), the only way to turn it on is to plug the charger for few second and then using the power button it turns on normally.

I tell you what i've already done trying to fix it:

I've done an hard reset, i thought it was a battery issue so i put a brand new one and nothing, it keep shutting down. So i tried to do: Hard reset + formatting SD + Flash stock firmware (it was already stock, never rooted) and nothing changed...

If it can help, when i enter in recovery mode it says "e:failed to find /misc partition" but this also appeared before flashing and doing hard reset so it wasn't my fault.

The heat comes from below the camera on the left side of the phone (seen from behind) so i think it's something on the motherboard.