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My husbands samsung s8 screen has went haywire. It is acting like it's being touched as soon as the passcode screen begins. So, it has now factory reset his phone. The only time I can think of my phone doing this is when the screen was cracked. His has a couple of scratches but no cracks. His charging port has been giving us a bit of trouble also, I'm not sure if the two are related. I mention it because I had just used his phone and it was fine, but had a low battery. I plugged it in and when he went to use it next, it went crazy. Typing in stuff on his passcode and taking it to emergency call, etc. Should I go through our insurance with Asurion, or try to warranty it with Verizon? He's only had it for 4 months or so. Thanks in advance for any opinions and advice!

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