Samsung are a joke!


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Jul 22, 2013
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Bought a Samsung Tab S2 in January 2017 brand new straight from the Samsung Shop online and not had one problem with it until 2 weeks ago when it refused to turn on or charge. I would sometimes get the Battery image when I plugged in a charger but always showed 0%.

Got in touch with Samsung who arranged for UPS to pick the device up and take it to the nearest repair centre.

Got an email and phone call today from the repair centre saying it had been deemed out of warranty as there were screws missing inside the device and they detected a 3rd party repair (see attached engineers report).

So they want me to pay £144 to get this repaired.

As I said before I have never had a problem so it has never been 3rd Party repaired. So did I really get a brand new device when bought or did I get a 2nd hand device??

The Samsung repair centre gave a number to call to dispute this but after being passed from a supervisor to customer service they all refuse to refute the engineers report.

Absolute joke! Basically they are calling me a liar about a 3rd party repair.


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Feb 19, 2018
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Best advice would be to pay the 144, get it back and to continue to dispute this with Samsung. They do offer arbitration as well if CS can't handle it directly to your satisfaction.