Trying to calculate taxes / rates on a new Verizon plan


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Dec 9, 2009
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Hey everyone, I'm making the switch over to Verizon from an AT&T family plan pretty soon for the droid, and was trying to figure out all of my costs as best I can before I do it all.

I'll be getting 450 minutes, 1500 texts, and visual voicemail, which brings ym untaxed monthly rate to $87.97 (dude, Verizon is expensive as hell. I just want to say that).

I was reading the section about taxes and this is what it says:
* Tolls, taxes, surcharges and other fees, such as E911 and gross receipt charges, vary by market and as of December 1, 2009, add between 5% and 37% to your monthly bill and are in addition to your monthly access fees and airtime charges.
* Monthly Federal Universal Service Charge on interstate & international telecom charges (varies quarterly based on FCC rate) is 12.3% per line.
* The Verizon Wireless monthly Regulatory Charge is 7? per line.
* Monthly Administrative Charge (subject to change) is 92? per line.
* The Federal Universal Service, Regulatory and Administrative Charges are Verizon Wireless charges, not taxes. For more details on these charges, call 1?888?684?1888.

So I can pretty much figure everything else out except for bullet 1 and bullet 5. I'm going to call that number about bullet 5.

I called Verizon but they weren't really able to give me any information about bullet 1, and 5%-37% of my bill is a pretty massive range.

Does anyone know how I can, or where I can go to, figure out how much those 2 fees are? It would be a big help to know just how expensive the plan I'm getting into is going to be.

Thanks much!

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