Why is my Facebook notification stuck @6?


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Facebook notification stuck @6

I cleared cache on my phone yesterday. Last night I noticed a red 6 for notifications on my Facebook icon. It NEVER changes (up or down) no matter how many notifications are show within the app. I've tried restarting; pull battery; stop notifications in app and restart and turn back on; change account sync in device settings and pull battery; uninstall, reinstall and pull battery; and going through and clicking on every unread notification in app. Nothing is working. I have OCD and not being able to clear the number of notifications is driving me crazy. Any ideas? I have a Note 3 running lollipop. Thanks.

Sam Crowther

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Aug 12, 2015
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Re: Facebook notification stuck @6

same thing.
clearing data of facebook, messenger, apex launcher and apex notifier didnt fix it.
uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling didnt fix it

uninstalling, removing sd/android/xxx and data/data/xxx reboot to rec overy wipe cache and dalvik, reinstall after boot fixed it.
not sure which one was doing it but gone now...