04-28-2010 05:29 AM
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  1. mich1248's Avatar
    having the Moto DROID already makes me the coolest kid on the block..but having the Incredible would make me more like a SuperHero...
    04-22-2010 02:26 PM
  2. bijoy89's Avatar
    With the Droid Incredible I would never need to bring anything else to class again. To be able to take notes, take pictures, research, record lectures (whether it be by audio or video), and study off my phone would be the ultimate convenience. Plus, I'd never have a boring class again!
    04-22-2010 02:29 PM
  3. bigk's Avatar
    As our story begins in a small village located at the ends of the earth called "Verizon" a mayor by the name of "HTC" came to a young lad by the name of "bigk". The mayor knew full well that he was capable of taking down dragons, HTC asked if he was available to take this beast down come April 29, 2010, bigk stood up proudly and said "yes sir!" and he walked out the door to grab his stuff. What the mayor didn't tell bigk is that this isn't an ordinary dragon this is a Qualcomm snapdragon and this isn't going to be a walk in the park like the Nexus dragon. As he walked to the village's armory he just kept thinking, "THIS IS INCREDIBLE I will be able to save this entire village." As he reached the armory "Eris" his girl friend came running down in a panic. Out of breath and says "What are you doing Bigk? You can't take down this dragon! He too FAST too SNAPPY, I mean the villagers say its almost like this dragon can sense U&I this very moment. He knows when hes going to be attacked." Bigk standing there dumb founded realized hes going to need to protect him self, with some sort of armor.
    Finally reaching the armory he opens door to find all these INCREDIBLE swords and shields. As he went through the shields he could not find one for his liking for a good 30 minutes. But there it was, in the corner all by it's self. It was an gold plated EVDO shield, legend has it that it can auto focus on it's target. Standing there bigk knew this was his shield. Shortly after Bigk knew that a shield alone will not take down this dragon hes going need a sword. As he glances over at the wall of swords he sees a silver one but some thing is not quite right, he can't quite put his finger on it. As he takes the sword he lifts it above this head and then.....he sees it. It took him a minute but he realized what was wrong with it. It was an AMOLED silver sword, but it only had a 3.7 inch blade. As he lowers the sword from above this head he sees another sword but this sword only had a 3.2 inch blade, and it has the word "Hero" engraved on it. Assuming some one planted it there for him to take he grabs his EVDO shield and the AMOLED sword and walks out to meet this beast.
    Stepping out of the armory hes notices a fire ball coming from the village out to space, that's when he begins to run towards the village. Moments later hes greeted by the village's main gate but it's locked and secure tightly by the local lock smiths pad lock. Knowing full well that he needs to take down this dragon as soon as possible he lifts his sword and swipes to unlock the pad lock. The dragon takes notice to this and turns to bigk...
    He suddenly realizes this isnt some ordinary dragon it's a Qualcomm snapdragon! As he lifts this shield towards the dragon the autofocus locks on to the enemy faster then a dual flash of lighting. Noticing this action from the shield Bigk feels ready to tackle this snap dragon. He lifts his sword above his head and yells "LONG LIVE VERIZON!!" He then runs as fast as he can toward the dragon, the dragon then splits out fire ball, bigk then dashes out of the way but then the fire ball turns as if it was controlled by gps and crashes into the ground. Quickly recovering bigk stands up and rushes towards the dragon, he heads for the dragon's right foot swipes his sword upwards, brings it down as if it weighed 32GB and cuts off his pinky toe. The dragon falls to it's side and dies right there.
    HTC and Eris comes running up to Bigk to make sure he is ok. Eris gives Bigk a hug and HTC says "That was AWESOME!!!" Bigk looks at the mayor with a huge smile and begins to opens his mouth but then Eris yells "No, no, that was not AWESOME, it was INCREDIBLE."

    Bigk will then call the local lock smith with his Verizon HTC Incredible and tell him the dragon broke the pad lock on the front gate.

    *****************THE END*****************

    That is what I'm going to do with my Verizon HTC Incredible.

    Thanks for reading,

    04-22-2010 02:38 PM
  4. soulglo's Avatar
    I'll get some sleep. Since hearing about this phone i've devoted entirely too many (debatable) late nights to reading about every spyshot and leak and rumor and review. Having the phone in hand will eliminate the need to do so, thus allowing me to finally get some sleep. But then i'll probably devote the rest of my nights to playing with the phone, but im actually ok with that.
    04-22-2010 02:57 PM
  5. cowboys2000's Avatar
    I would use the phone as a mobile hotspot while on the road, camping. This device might alllow me to get rid of my mobile broadband card if I can talk and go online at the same time.
    04-22-2010 02:57 PM
  6. Flyguide83's Avatar
    If you pick me, I promise to send you all photos taken with the incredible while I'm on the "the White Star"(250 ft yacht) in the middle of a Girls Gone Wild party next month.... Maybe even some video??
    04-22-2010 03:15 PM
  7. mgnm257's Avatar
    Finally, with the Incredible, I will be able to achieve my dream of uncovering the secrets of the templar in Washington D.C.! With a battery that will last me all day and a processor fast enough to keep up with my quick multitasking, I will be able to video and picture document my trek to find the lost and hidden secrets our forefathers left behind. The maps will prevent me from getting lost and android apps will help me traverse the complex public transit system with ease. At 4.6 oz it won't be a heavy burden to carry around and to top it off, if a website I need for clues uses flash, I won't be left in the dark! Oh yeah, and since its on Verizon, calls if I need to use my phone a friend lifeline won't be dropped arbitrarily. I am so excited for my Incredible Journey powered by my new Verizon HTC Droid Incredible!
    04-22-2010 04:15 PM
  8. ifrankenberg's Avatar
    Thanks to my wife here is my not so incredible droid life so far.
    Never posted on the forums here before but i've read them for the past 6 months so this is my first post. Anyway here is why i should win the Incredible
    Keep in mind that my wife is disconnected from the world of technology, She doesn't know how to type and she didn't own a computer untill we started dating. I have only been married about 6+ monts, time has already blended together.
    but our New every 2 came up in august of 09, I kept track of the motorola droid since i first herd about. Thinking Sweet I can use my new every 2 and get it. I calculated out our bill and did all my homework i get a 20% my bill due to my works discount with verizon. Presented all my findings to the wife and all i got was "I'll think about it, maybe after the wedding.." Thats cool, Wedding first droid second. Wedding comes and goes and my current phone is on it's last leg. About a month after the wedding we finally make it a point to go to think about going to verizon. Days come and go, I keep dropping hints and talking about the Droid. The day before we go to verizon we are talking about what phone are out. Once again i pull out all my research and notes and calculations. And what response do i get. "Why do you need that phone, What does it do, Why is so special about it"?
    My response. I does everything.. I couldn't think of anything else to say besides it just does everything. She came back with well why do you need it.

    here is where the door gets slammed in my face.

    Well when you want me to go shopping with you to all of your craft stores which we spend hours at just to walk around and fill our cart up just for you to decide you don't want anything that we put in the cart and have to walk back thru the store and put everything back, I could be watching a movie, Listening to music, Browsing the web and/or anything else that i can do on a a phone. I can be entertained and wouldn't mind going shopping with you.

    Door slammed, Door locked, Key Thrown away

    Her response, You don't need that phone, what you don't want to spend time with me, bla bla bla, i can't remember the rest, i kinda zoned out. If i had an incredible i could have recorded what she was saying and listen to it at a later moment so i could retain what she said.
    We continued to bicker all the way to the verizon store. Sat down with the rep. and he was asking what kinda phones we wanted. I said i would like to get the droid. That pissed the wife off and then she took over. I couldn't get a word in anywhere. So.... In the end I lost, I had to get an Env 3... She was nice enough to let me get the blue one instead of the pink one.

    That is why i believe i should win the droid Incredible because it would make me incredibly happy and make the wife incredibly pissed. So please Hook a guy up.

    Long story short. Wife is a incredibly mean and denied me anything that is too technically advanced..
    04-22-2010 04:31 PM
  9. mjesenovec's Avatar
    The Motorola Droid definitely DOES, but I would love something that DOES...faster.

    Enter: Droid Incredible. Sleek form, snappy performance will allow me to be more productive on a daily basis, and further enjoy multimedia and apps in my down time.
    04-22-2010 04:43 PM
  10. gt3dan's Avatar
    I want an Incredible because Chuck Norris would use an Incredible! All other phones would explode in the presence of the Incredible, and then Chuck Norris would round house their users right in the face. Chuck Norris and the Incredible would be unstoppable!
    04-22-2010 04:59 PM
  11. jake-ryan1990's Avatar
    i will be able to access the internet at incredible speeds compared to my droid eris....i'll be able access All of my socialnetworking sites at incredible speeds, and be the 'talk of the school' with the HTC Incredible.....
    i'll be able to have incredibly style with this powerfully awesome handset and will be able to have a great camera in my pocket compared to droid eris w/ broken camera :/ 8mp's vs. 0mp's on my broken camera'd droid eris

    and all of this will be all thanks to android central and their thoughtfulness of gifting someone this InCrEdIbLe Smartphone.....
    and make me and my life INCREDIBLY happy........compared to INCREDIBLY sad and in mourn from my favorite grandpas death...with this, i'll be able to help out in contacting plenty of people to prepare his funeral....all at incredibly fast speeds!!!!!!!!!!!

    well, i have to get a new phone to begin with, because my droid eris crashed, and well...i have to resort back to my old cell, which is a broken old dinosaurrr
    04-22-2010 05:16 PM
  12. jake-ryan1990's Avatar
    lemme say DAMM! i have the env3 this moment cuz my droid just crashed
    04-22-2010 05:22 PM
  13. coryteague's Avatar
    I would actually use the speech to text function while driving so that I don't endanger the little ones I manny for all day.. Let me tell you it's definitely an issue!!!
    04-22-2010 05:45 PM
  14. fngo's Avatar
    I'll finally be able to introduce my dad to the smart phone world, because he's been dying to purchase one but has always been too frugal. I know he's been eyeing a Motorola Droid for a while but he decided to put me first and got me a Blackberry instead. And what could possibly be more incredible than an Incredible for a first smart phone? (Excuse the horrible pun.)
    04-22-2010 05:47 PM
  15. TrevorL's Avatar
    Yes, this is... incredible! I would love to get this phone. I could break my blackberry addiction (that would be an incredible feat) and start using a 21st century smart phone. I confess, this would be my first Android phone. How incredible would that be?! I'm ready to move on AC, but I think it will take something incredible for that to happen.
    04-22-2010 05:53 PM
  16. lordkian's Avatar
    Aloha! I'm from Hawaii. The island is known for it's beautiful beaches. Sadly I've never tried surfing.... But with the Incredible, I can finally keep up with the locals and be proud that I too can surf AND EVEN FASTER than them. SURFING THE NET, that is. TEEHEE!

    P.S. If I do get selected, I know you want some pictures of the beautiful wahines (ladies) during a Hula performance... easy job with the Incredible. Ok. ok. I'll get you a video.
    04-22-2010 05:58 PM
  17. kreauchee's Avatar
    With the HTC Droid Incredible I will...

    ...send texts to my mother so I need not get stuck on the phone for and hour while only speaking for 2 minutes of it.
    ...take pictures of my life and post them all over so that those who know me may bask in the delicate light of my glory.
    ...downlaod apps while riding my unicycle, limiting myself to $10/month so as not to go broke.
    ...browse the web while free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
    ...finally catch that damn Road Runner with the ACME device blueprints app.
    ...teach Barrack Obama the error of his ways by showing him the inferiority of the Presidential Blackberry.
    ...leap like a gazelle and record my distance with augmented reality video apps.
    ...dance like a monkey.
    ...eat a taco.
    ...go to Disneyland.
    ...make your funk the P-Funk.
    ...walk the earth, recording my good deeds and adventures like Caine from Kung Fu......but with a sweet-*** phone instead of Kung Fu.
    ...score more points than Michael Jordan and then blog about it from the locker room.
    ...design world peace out of Legos...and then let children dismantle it.
    ...scan every eyeball I encounter with the bar code scanner, just in case.
    ...climb a tree, meet a woodpecker, and become such good friends with it by using Google Animal Translator that it will defend me to the death.
    ...learn to ride a horse wearing nothing but brown leather chaps and a phone pouch for my Droid.
    ...wear it on my wrist and deflect bullets like Wonder Woman.
    ...get drunk at a bar and let my Droid drive me home.
    ...not fear the Reaper.
    ...bring Buddhist Monks to their knees with my deep and insightful haiku.
    ...not even have to use my AK. It will be a good day.
    ...join the Power Rangers on an epic adventure (I'll be their communications expert......and Kung Fu instructor).
    ...show you my Pokemons.
    ...eat another taco.
    ...learn to throw it and catch it like Captain America's shield.
    ...build a log cabin and dress like a lumberjack.
    ...shave my head and sneak into people's kitchens, pretending to be Mr. Clean.
    ...ride a jet ski to work over concrete instead of driving.
    ...figure out, once and for all, whether we are human or dancers.
    ...bake the most delicious cookies and feed them to mice, binding them to me forever.
    ...fill my coat with wild pygmy marmosets and unleash the fury upon all who oppose me.
    ...train ducks to be my loyal minions and rule the world with the iron fist of benevolence.
    ...win a gold medal in the Olympic Hammer Toss.
    ...reach deep into my soul, and pull out a rabbit.

    But most important of all, I will speak the speak of love with my girl from afar and document the first year of my baby girl's life. In the end, a phone must be a phone before all else......and this is my phone.
    04-22-2010 06:15 PM
  18. ftumph's Avatar
    I've had an account on Android Central for 11 weeks. I follow you on Twitter. I even listen to the podcast... and I don't even own an Android phone! I know that Android is the way I want to go next, so I've been watching the market, waiting for just the right phone to show up, and this is it.

    So what will I do that is incredible? I don't know. Enter into the world of Android with the nicest phone ever made... or just actually OWN an Android phone finally?
    04-22-2010 06:21 PM
  19. marvs827's Avatar
    I would love the win the Droid INCREDIBLE, i have an old verizon phone with no full web support, email and game. the HTC would be INCREDIBLE for all of that. All my friends would stop making fun of me especially my Iphone friend's I think Android is way better than the App store. Android Rocks
    04-22-2010 06:35 PM
  20. bigd9005's Avatar
    i can finally get on the internet without turning my phone off multiple times.
    04-22-2010 06:43 PM
  21. karamell's Avatar
    With the HTC Incredible…

    I could be awesome at work!

    Fascinating at meetings!

    Marvelous to my boss!

    Wonderful to my man friend!

    Unbelievable to my enemies!

    Prodigious to my fellow graduates! WHOO-HOO!

    Shocking to those iPhone users… na na, na na na !

    Surprising to my fellow fashionistas!

    Stunning to Android haters everywhere!

    I’d be simply, absolutely, categorically, conclusively, decidedly, decisively, definitely, easily, exactly, positively, precisely, really, surely, truly, unambiguously, unconditionally, unquestionably INCREDIBLE!
    04-22-2010 07:14 PM
  22. petschska's Avatar
    If I had a Droid Incredible, I would use Google Maps Navigation to direct my BlackBerry Storm into the trashcan.
    04-22-2010 07:39 PM
  23. gracefulminutes's Avatar
    OK, here goes...
    As a not-so-new member to the Android community, I've been with this crazy train since the G1 (needed no name). I've had the myTouch (Steve), the CLIQ (Graciela), and now my Droid (who I have named Hans).

    yes, I name my phones, because they're effin' awesome!

    Anyhoo, I do sooo much with my Droid. From e-mails to professors and advisors, to listening to music on the fly, it's always there for me...even with a spare battery in my back pocket. As much as I love my Droid, I could use a new hardcore bucket of 'does'...in a nicely packaged...well, package.

    WHY THE ESSAY-STYLE? -- well, I'm writing an informational report for business writing...might as well stick with the flow, right?

    So, I should win the DROID Incredible because, well, it's INCREDIBLE. No need for the puns, the quirks, or any of that jazz. DOESN'T THE INCREDIBLE SPEAK FOR ITSELF?!
    Verizon's 3G -- 1GHz Snapdragon -- Sense (wooHOO!) -- 2.1 -- 8MP -- need I say more?

    No need for the song and dance. The DROID series just does. There's no need to sugarcoat it.

    (PS -- I'd save the world, become President, marry Megan Fox AND Ryan Reynolds, have 8 kids and save the world again, take pictures, send video to YouTube, tweet about ALL of my adventures and do it in INCREDIBLE style)-- that's my pun. It contradicts almost all I've said, but hell, might as well get it out, right? (twss)
    04-22-2010 07:41 PM
  24. gracefulminutes's Avatar
    kreauchee: that was a cute response. I like it.
    ps: ...not even have to use my AK. It will be a good day. (IN-effing-CREDIBLE)
    04-22-2010 07:44 PM
  25. tkalvey's Avatar
    I will send Steve Jobs an e-mail letting him know that HE was the reason I ditched my i-phone. I was fed up with his tunnel vision. His personal battles with Google and Adobe have restricted the usefulness of the I-phone.

    I can't wait for my AT&T contract to expire. If I don't win this phone now, I will quickly go replace my iphone as soon as the contract is over.
    04-22-2010 07:44 PM
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