1. jstwondrng's Avatar

    After I updated my S4 to Kit Kat, I've been experiencing LOADS of data issues. Places where I could get a strong to decent 4G signal, I'm barely getting 1x at times. Also, there are times when there is no data coming through at all! This is really getting frustrating. I've restarted the device, toggled the data button and still having issues. Any suggestions?

    06-19-2014 12:13 PM
  2. Leo G's Avatar
    I have the same issue. Sucks. Only thing that I have found was switching airplane mode on and then off again. That will usually restore the data. But it's not going to make it more sensitive, that seems to be a software issue. But if you are in an area that won't logon to data, usually the airplane mode trick will work. A lot quicker than a reboot.
    06-22-2014 09:56 PM
  3. jstwondrng's Avatar
    Thanks Leo G. I'll give that a try. It sucks that I had NO issues before the update. So frustrating!

    06-23-2014 01:44 PM

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