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    When trying to boot I was locked on the red eye. When I tried to reboot to get out of that, it is now locked on the Motorola/Android logo screen.

    I am very new to the technical side of smartphone is general and Android in particular, although I have been a mainframe programmer for many years.

    In searching for a solution, I found my way to a fastboot screen that looks like this:

    AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)
    30.BA (sha-b90d545, 2014-10-16 16:39:36)
    eMMC: 16GB Sandisk RV=06 PV=07 TY=17
    DRAM: 2048KB Elpida S4 SDRAM DIE=4GB
    Up Time: 3 minutes
    Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 0
    Battery OK
    Connect USB Data Cable

    Boot Mode Selection Menu
    Vol Up Selects, Vol Down Scrolls
    Normal Powerup
    BP Tools
    Fastboot Reason: Key pressed

    If I simply select "Normal Powerup" and press Vol Up, it vibrates, then goes back into Motorla/Android logo screen and just sits there.

    How do I get out of this????? (What's the distance record for throwing a MAXX out the window?)
    06-19-2016 08:46 AM

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