1. Cyder's Avatar
    This is my first android phone in a while as I’ve always had iPhones. Their iOS is just so boring so I’ve decided to jump ship.

    I’m playing around with the main screen and noticed I can’t delete apps off the screen, but can only move them with doing a long press. Like the play store app, I want to remove it off my screen completely but can only move it from one screen to the next.

    Am I missing something on how to remove the apps?
    10-20-2017 09:49 PM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    Never had oreo yet but is there not an option to long press and slide it to the top where a "remove" option magically shows up? If so, it would only remove the icon not uninstall anything.
    10-20-2017 09:55 PM
  3. Nikostoen's Avatar
    Hey Cyder, welcome to the family!

    Once you've selected the app and you can drag it, move it toward the top of the screen. You'll see theses options: remove and app info. If it's an app you installed, you can also uninstall the app from that menu.

    Hope this helps!
    10-20-2017 09:56 PM
  4. CarbonOak's Avatar
    You have to long-press the app until the three options show up top: Remove, App Info, and Uninstall.

    You'll drag the icon to whichever option you like, with Remove simply removing them from the screen.
    10-20-2017 11:16 PM
  5. robertopod1968's Avatar
    Just long press. And drag to the top left to remove. That doesn't remove the app. Just the icon from your home screens. If you want to remove the app all together (I'm assuming you don't want to remove the store) then you drag to the right and go to uninstall. It will probably not let you remove that app. Just the icon from the home screens. It's not like IOS where you have to have an app on your screen to "have" the app.
    10-21-2017 12:49 AM
  6. Cyder's Avatar
    Oh awesome! I forgot about the drag to the top function. It worked and was able to take the app off my screen. Appreciate the help!
    10-21-2017 03:07 AM

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