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    Hi guys, I've just purchased my new phone, a Motorola RAZR HD and I'm having an issue I've never seen before. Every time I try to start a sentence with I, it autocorrects the word to In. If it's within a sentence it doesn't matter, but if I want to write. "I was just wondering" it will change it to "In was just wondering". It's driving me up the wall and I can't find a way to overrun it. The keyboard in question is "Motorola Input". If I change the keyboard then the issue isn't there, but I like the default keyboard. Does anyone know of a solution or will I need to go keyboard hunting?
    Also, I'm sorry if this is something someone's asked before. I tried searching but had no luck, particularly because search engines generally ignore the words "I" and "in".
    11-15-2012 01:56 AM

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