07-07-2013 05:03 PM
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  1. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    Love my Note2. Glad I chose it.
    What color did you choose, Jude?
    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note2
    04-17-2013 10:36 PM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    What made you choose the S4 over the Note ? (because i'm having a hard time deciding between the two)..

    was it because the S4 is newer? the camera? the features (air gestures, group play?)
    I wanted more internal storage 1080p screen and faster processor but mostly the storage, I just couldn't live with 10GB of space.
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    04-18-2013 09:57 AM
  3. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    I would purchase the Note 2 but they only have it in 16GB and could not decide between the white or gray one. I'll see how much longer before Verizon gets the S4.
    04-18-2013 10:21 AM
  4. Davyo's Avatar
    Getting the S4 on day one with T-Mo and selling off my Note 2,,,,,,, love my N2 but I just need something a tad bit smaller.

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    04-20-2013 05:30 AM
  5. gigantor333's Avatar
    let me know your asking price
    04-20-2013 08:53 AM
  6. iampun33t's Avatar
    I have used both the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3... and I have to say, Note 2 is better... but when it comes to S4 and N2... I would go for the S4.. Just because of the faster processor and fullHD screen.. Though I like the S-Pen on the N2, i feel numerous times that its too big for everyday use.. I would want it to be smaller.. I would go for the S4 with the C-Pen..!!! I think that would give me the best of both worlds..!!!
    04-20-2013 10:26 AM
  7. Raptor007's Avatar
    If you are considering the GN2 vs the GS4, I would suggest waiting a few months for the GN3 vs GS4. If the indications are correct you will get the extra size and 1080p display, but again may be limited on the internal storage if we only see 16GB on GN3 which was an issue for me.

    I personally feel the 5" GS4 is just the right size.
    04-21-2013 09:26 AM
  8. FitMomXtine's Avatar
    If you are considering the GN2 vs the GS4, I would suggest waiting a few months for the GN3 vs GS4. If the indications are correct you will get the extra size and 1080p display, but again may be limited on the internal storage if we only see 16GB on GN3 which was an issue for me.

    I personally feel the 5" GS4 is just the right size.
    I think you're right. The GS4 would probably be the best size for me. I do want a slightly bigger screen than my current phone (iPhone 4s) I want the ability to customize it without the need to jail break as well as overall want something different than my iPhone.

    I think I may just pass the note 3 as it's rumored to have a 6.3 in screen and I think that would just be way too big for me. (I'm 5'0 small build so I have tiny hands)

    So I'm thinking I may just get te S4 because of the faster processor and nicer screen. Plus I like the dual camera recording.
    04-21-2013 09:41 AM
  9. TheyStoleMyName's Avatar
    How's the screen better in the note 2 compared to the s3? Pentiles means there's 5 subpixels and rgb means there's three. The note 2 display is grainy and over saturated, even the you can change it. But it's either to much or not enough. The more pixels per inch equals better quality. 1080 on a 5 inch phone is lower quality than 1080 on a 4.8 inch phone because you have to make the pixels smaller to fit the same amount in a smaller area.

    But anywho the note 2 is great is you don't mind the size. I didn't utilize the s pen or multi window, both were to small to even bother with in my opinion. And it weighs a lot too and it gets heavy using it with one hand. The s4 is not compact and a bit easier to hold. Haven't used one much but I'd think id like it better than the note 2 myself.

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    05-10-2013 09:02 PM
  10. sux2bu's Avatar
    My note 2 goes up for sale the moment my s4 arrives.
    I think my S4 may be up for sale when it comes in. I played with it in the store and I just don't think it can dethrone my Note 2. Video playback looks the same, pictures are just a hair better, it is smaller and lighter but I just don't think I can step down in screen size.
    05-11-2013 01:06 AM
  11. packerbacker's Avatar
    Note 2 vs. S4 is my dilemma as well. I may find the Note just a little too big. And while I love the S Pen, in all honesty I'm not sure I'd use it all that much. Unless something awesome comes out between now and July 1st, I'm going to jump on the S4 bandwagon when I upgrade.

    The Note is sweet though.
    05-11-2013 06:41 AM
  12. anon(464338)'s Avatar
    Many people say they don't use the s pen often. Im actually the complete opposite. As a small business owner I have my phone forwarded and I have my built in note pad to write the customer info and then create an event with the note in calenders which displays on the home screen. This thing is my portable office and theres no way id give it up. Not to say you coulndt do the same stuff with apps but the size of the screen is a real plus for heavy use. If you need a phone for business id definitely recommend it over any other device.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2
    05-11-2013 07:00 AM
  13. Mohammad Hasan's Avatar
    just do a side by side comparison then u can find the reality between pantile and RGB display. images n video comparison between s4 n note2.. by my experience note2 have better screen quality than s4 even N2 have just 267ppi.. I done it with my friend's s4. N2 is sharper than s4
    06-16-2013 12:43 AM
  14. planoman's Avatar
    Interesting to see what I wrote in post #12. Once the 32GB model hit ATT I jumped on it. The S4 is such an upgrade over my Nexus 4 that I have not touched my Nexus 4 (except to do comparisons) since getting the S4.

    I like the size better than my Note 2. The S4 is really in the sweet spot as far as size of device and screen etc. It also has the s note feature which I used on my Note 2. I did not use it for more than note taking so the S4 works for me there with a small type stylus.

    That said... the Note holds its on against the S4. The Note 2 is equal in performance of everyday tasks. I am keeping both and trying to sell my Nexus 4. Perhaps I will use it as a wifi device to browse etc when traveling. On a side note, for all the talk about how great the Nexus 4 is there sure aren't that many people wanted to buy them unless you give them away. I guess I will hold it in case my wife or someone needs a backup unlocked phone.
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    06-16-2013 11:38 AM
  15. Crisdean's Avatar
    Yeah, same issue here. I'll wait for the N3 and buy it then. The S4 is nice but I can really do with the S-PEN.
    07-05-2013 11:20 AM
  16. starbuckk's Avatar
    My solution was to get a Note 10.1 and an S4 .
    07-05-2013 05:28 PM
  17. nickgalaxys4's Avatar
    I have the GS4 and love it the camera features and all other feature it comes with. Love the size speed and all round look of it.
    07-05-2013 11:43 PM
  18. Kilgore Trout's Avatar
    The S4 used a pentile screen. It will be grainy and whites will suck. The Note 2 uses an RGB screen. It's so much better then pentile. In fact there are a bunch of posts about this and how Samsung messed up.

    Like the S3 it's a smaller screen then the Note 2 but it has the same resolution. But the screen on the Note 2 is RGB. Go down to you're local mobile store and look at the screen side by side. The difference is huge.

    I'm pretty sure they will do the same thing with the Note 3. It will have the better screen.

    I'm kinda in shock that Samsung did this in the first place. Yeah it's 1080p but who cares if it's grainy and whites and grays look bad. It's like having black lines very little ones you can barely see but there are so much of them it ruins the true colors. I know I don't have to explain this. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about and if you own a S3 you really know what I'm talking about. If you own a Note 2 you might not know what I'm taking about unless you've seen one side by side to an S3.

    It's not always about pixel count it's about sub pixel count as well.

    For example, the Note 2's screen is the same resolution as the S3's, the Note 2's screen is also .8" bigger but the Note 2 uses RGB rather then the pentile screen in the S3.

    This is why side by side the Note 2's screen looks so much better. Sharper, better whites and Brighter.

    I'm stating these facts is for the people that don't know about screens.

    Anyway, I'm happy I got the Note 2 and when we get 4.2.2 we will be able to do these few new things the S4 can do but with a better picture.

    Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2
    The s4's screen is gorgeous. It isn't "grainy" at all, and the whites are deep.

    It may be the nicest screen I have ever seen on a phone.

    Not all pentile screens are equal.
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    07-06-2013 04:07 AM
  19. chicagocouch's Avatar
    I have to agree with Kilgore. The GS4 has the best display I've seen on any phone yet... My mom got the Note 2 because she needs a bigger screen so that she can read what's on the screen. But, for me? I cannot live with a phone that has so little storage space. I like having 23 odd gb for storage and a faster processor to boot. Plus...the screen really does look better. I would've liked a 64gb option...but well...
    Also...the pictures from the GS4 are truly dramatic in difference from the Note 2 (in daylight at least...at night? Well...the GS4 is still a phone and not a camera, right?)
    But I haven't seen all these negative aspects everyone keeps talking about...but I also know that most of these posts were written well before release day. I didn't think I'd notice the difference between my GS3 and my GS4 sizewise...but, putting them side by side, that extra .2mm amazingly makes a big difference. Like night and day, to be honest. And the display is so much more vibrant than the GS3 and I thought THAT one was beautiful...but now appears lackluster. Even the Note 2's display isn't as sharp as the GS4...but that may be simple bias as I thought they both had SUPERAMOLED screens.
    Anyway...for my money since they both cost the same...even though the Note 2 has been out 6 months longer! GS4 all the way, baby, until I get stupid again and purchase the GS5 a year later like I've done every year since the Galaxy S2 came out! It's cost me a pretty penny...but I'm so addicted to this new brand if smartphones...and now that the GS3 FINALLY brought back true multitasking like the Palm Pre had years before anyone else...I'm hooked! And I think I'll keep this one for the full 2 years as it SHOULD have enough processing power for the upcoming years...I hope!
    But, I have a sinking feeling that I should've waited for the Note 3. I have a feeling that it will pack a lot of power, have at least 32gb (if not more) and be an octet-core processor (which is really related to my "more power" comment a moment ago. Perhaps a 20mp camera with a 4mp front face one? AND be able to take pictures in low light without use of a flash because, let's face it, the tiny flash on camera phones make people look worse than a corpse.. especially when used in low light. And a phone that big should really have 128gb available storage because it's basically a handheld computer now, right? Foes anyone really use their computers if they have a smartphone handy that's already booted up all day long? Unless I'm writing a long letter, I'm using my smartphone over my laptop every time...hands down...and even then, I still may write that letter using Polaris Office 5!
    I think I've gotten waaaaay off track here...which is very common with me. I'm sorry...I just love using my phone to type...although I probably have way too many errors because I type too fast and never, ever check for mistakes. So I apologize for the length and any errors in advance.
    Thank you for the podium!! Ha ha ha....LOL. ;-)
    07-06-2013 08:12 AM
  20. rushmore's Avatar
    Just leave it be. Every review points out the display is great and no grain can be seen, plus the whites are actually white. I notice a little grain with the S3, but it is physically impossible to notice with the eye with the S4. If using a magnifier, ALL displays on the planet will show some form of pixel separation. Because they are pixels.
    07-06-2013 08:19 AM
  21. Kilgore Trout's Avatar
    I agree, Rushmore. My feeling is that the main reason you pick one phone over the other should be form factor. The Note is way to big for MY needs. The S4, on the other hand, is nearly ideal. I was worried that it would be to big, but it is still pocketable.

    I have several buddies who have the Note. Primarily a work device for them and there are various reasons why the phablet format is ideal for them.

    Pick the phone that is best for you. But, trying to point out limitations that are not there to justify a choice is a tad silly.
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    07-06-2013 11:01 AM
  22. rkeenan's Avatar
    I had the Note 2. I had awful lag problems. I would receive phone calls and the phone would lock up for 2-3 minutes unless I pulled the battery. Serious lag when adjusting the volumes on the phone. I just ordered a G4 online and it should have everything I need. The only thing I used the SPen for was for hover scrolling, which I can now do with my finger on the G4. My handwriting did not work well on the Note 2 and I cannot draw either. So the Note 2 might be great for some, but not for me.
    07-07-2013 04:15 PM
  23. Soundtrack to Chaos's Avatar

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    07-07-2013 05:03 PM
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