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    I found this thread with instructions about disabling apps that have administration privileges, but I have some questions before I try it if anyone can help. http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...n-timeout.html

    I have an S4 and do consulting work for a few companies. Their IT departments have all done their own things to the phone to set up their mail access. Most use gmail accounts, one uses MS exchange, and I'm not even sure what the one that uses Mobile@work is set up like.

    The Mobile@work (at least that one, maybe the exchange one too) has locked me out of making lock screen adjustments. They insisted on PIN security, while I had been using a swipe pattern. If my phone is off for a few minutes, it opens with the pin. If it's off for a shorter time, it opens with the swipe. However, it accepts any random swipe or pattern, and not the complicated one I had entered.

    I tried to change the look of the lockscreen by downloading a lockscreen widget, but this just went in front of the the original lockscreen, so I had to go through two. That sucked, so I deleted the widget.

    I would like to disable the PIN and use a swipe only, but the current thing with any random swipe is pointless. If that doesn't work, I'd like to disable the swipe and just a PIN. And I'd like to change the look of the lock screen.

    If I follow the directions to disable the Mobile@work administrator privileges to change my lockscreen, will I be able to restore Mobile@work smply, or will everything get wiped out and need to configure it all over again? If that happens, I'll have to take the phone back to the IT department and end up in exactly the same spot again. I don't like the IT departments limiting my control of my personal phone, but it's more important that I have the email access from my phone.

    05-17-2014 01:28 PM

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