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    well, the carrier sub-forum is open! Let me be the first on TMo forum.

    I know we can swap battery in and out, still, prolong battery life is a good thing, if possible.

    general tips for prolonging Lion battery's lifespan
    Battery lose capacity with more charging cycles (100-0-100-0). It drops about 10-20% at 250-300 charging cycles.
    Battery also lose capacity when stored. it loses 4% a year if stored at 40-60% charge, or 10%+ if stored at full charge.

    Things thats not good for the Lion battery is high heat, voltage, and excess discharging.

    For that reason, you can prolong battery life, double, or triple it, by doing the following:

    1. reduce DOD (depth of discharge), don't wait until 1%.
    2. don't fully charge it all the time. Full charge increase the voltage of the battery.
    3. don't over heat it, don't leave it in the car
    4. when storing, discharge it to 40-60%. find a cool place to store it.

    I am doing charging between 35-85%, and calibrate it (90-10-90) when battery seems way off.

    All the information from battery university


    There are many power saving functions built in the GN3, I am sure you can explore them in the settings.

    I just want to mention that AMOLED screen consume no power when display the black color. So maximize your dark, black color display should lead to better battery life through out the day.
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