Can i reverse the update to my Samsung 6?


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My Samsung 6 updated to the Marshmallow crap. I guess from Lollipop? Can i reverse this? Hate it! My phn doesn't work well and the colors and themes are all off. I loved my phone and i don't now. I'm so bummed. I think it's like buying a car. You buy that one because you like everything about it. The way the inside is set up, user friendly air controls, nicely lit dash that's easy to read. You're very happy and comfortable every time you get in your car. Then BAM the shop replaces your dash with a dash they think is better. I don't think im crazy and apologize for the typos and spelling errors. Im mad typing!

Thank you!!


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Oct 8, 2013
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Hi, sorry you're having these issues!

There is no way to go back, unfortunately. You can however two things, hopefully the first one helps with the bugs, as sometimes it does.

1. Enter Recovery Mode and Wipe Partition Cache.
2. Full Factory Reset (Usually a better Idea after a major update) BE SURE TO BACK UP PERSONAL DATA.

Hope this helps!