Does the wireless charging coil on a Galaxy s7 Edge contain the battery thermal sensor?

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Hello, I have an s7 Edge and I recently had to take it apart to do some repairs, and since I was already in the phone I decided to make the back glass transparent. I love the look of the boards and components and I want to show them off. My plan was to remove to wireless charging coil since it covers most of the main logic board, but after some research online I discovered that the battery thermal sensor is located in the coil and the phone won't charge without it. Knowing this I plugged the phone in without the coil and it charged perfectly. I even downloaded a battery thermal monitor and it too was reading the battery temperature without the coil installed. At this point I thought about just leaving the coil out entirely, but I decided against it given the phone Samsung released only six months later (note 7) had a history of exploding. I want to know it I am safe to leave the wireless charging coil out of the phone, and if it does contain some sort of sensor.

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