How do I get a handset replacement?


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Nov 24, 2014
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How do I get a handset replacement

I am on contract with Three and i have a Samsung GS5
Within the first month my phone had broken, my microphone had gone and nobody could here me to be honest I generally thought it was other peoples phones as mine was brand new. I then found out it was my brand new phone so i went to the place where I got my upgrade from and my contract provider had told me because i'm over the 28 day policy they can not issue me another phone (realistically 28 days is not long enough for you to discover if your phone works accordingly when its brand new to you and not sure on how its suppose to work in first place.)
I sent my phone off to Samsung and they sent my phone back in the same condition I sent it, they said it was fine and it passed all its tests yet when i went to make a phone call still nobody could hear me so i was really annoyed with this because it just felt like I got sold a dud phone. Clearly they did not look at my notes correctly and showed no effort in solving the problem they had the cheek to send my phone back to me with a software update. Now i experiencing ''warning camera failed'' I called Three and they direct me to Samsung, I call Samsung and they want to re-direct me to Three. I just feel like there holding on for dear life to not issue me a brand new handset. I feel let down by my contract provider but if I cancel my contract its going to cost a lot of money and if i ditch the phone it will leave me in debt. Samsung have announced that camera failed is an official bug and can not be fixed so why not issue me with a new handset. Please can somebody help me because my phone is on its last legs and even that wont get me a replacement handset. Not that im dying for one because i wish i picked a different phone!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: How do I get a handset replacement

Welcome to Android Central! That sounds frustrating. When you're on the phone with people, do they have trouble hearing you only if you're using the phone normally (i.e., without a headset)? What happens if you use speakerphone, or a wired or Bluetooth headset? If that all works fine, then it narrows the problem down to the phone mic (the one by your mouth). If people can't hear you regardless of what you use, then it's probably an issue with the phone's firmware.

Regarding the problems with trying to get a replacement--unfortunately, that's the way it goes sometimes. 28 days is actually a pretty generous return window for a phone retailer--most major wireless stores give you 2 weeks. If Samsung is giving you the runaround, you need to keep escalating and asking for a supervisor. Don't accept what a low-level agent tells you as final. Tell them that they returned the phone to you in a persistently unusable condition, and that it should still be fixed or replaced under warranty. Ask for someone else you can help you. Keep your tone calm and pleasant but firm--don't let your emotions get the best of you. Don't make any threats (like lawsuits, Better Business Bureau reports, etc.) because those rarely get you anything except a hangup. Good luck!