LG G4 issues - Should I factory reset? If so, how to back up/restore? Could use some help...


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Feb 18, 2017
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Got a LG G4 from Verizon about 20 months ago. At first the phone worked great. However, it seems like after every software system update something else breaks/stops working. The phone no longer stays unlocked at trusted locations, the double tap on screen to wake no longer works, the phone has random sluggish moments, the battery runs down faster than ever (I have three and cycle them), etc - the list goes on.

I really like the phone and want to be able to use it for another year or two. I am just getting frustrated with it and need to fix these issues to get it back to its original glory. I went through a bunch of troubleshooting tips online for the individual issues for hours but nothing really seems to help. At this point, I am considering just doing a factory reset.

I have not done much customization, just a few settings here and there, installed a handful of apps, nothing out of the ordinary. The main apps I use are Google Mail, Calendar, Maps, doubletwist, musixmatch, Wikipedia, Pandora, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Evernote, Hearingsaver (to override the stupid volume limit), sometimes Facebook, a few banking apps, and various authenticators for two-factor authentication. Also have a 32 GB SD card installed with a ton of music on it.

Before I move forward, a few questions:

Is a factory reset the best way to get it back to normal?
If the factory reset indeed fixes all my problems, do I then refuse any system updates Verizons tries to install because they are the likely cause of the bugs?
If I stay with the original software, am I taking a big security risk due to known exploits?
How do I back up the phone? I have all music and phone on my desktop PC, but is there any other data I should back up? If so, how?
What about the authenticators? Do I have to remove two-factor authentication from each and every account before the reset and then add it back afterward?

I want to do it the right way, so any guidance you can offer would be appreciated.

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