My phone charges till it turns on and then dies, what can I do?


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My phone charges till it turns on and then dies

So I have a Motorola Droid RAZR M XT907. I have ever really had battery issues till now, excluding the battery heating extremely hot one time (it was charging and I was using it). I recently have had a bit of a problem, and I cannot seem to find an answer online. My XT907 charges (with the green light), but as soon as it turns on it dies (the light flashes red). When this first started happening it stayed on for a few seconds but now it dies almost instantly. It also showed the battery charging symbol in the top right on the notification bar but when I went into the battery section of the settings it stated "1% - Not Charging", and then it would die and try to charge again (with the green light). I have tried switching chargers, plugs, waiting a few days, putting it in AP Fastboot mode so it won't turn on, opening it up and disconnecting the battery, and so forth. I cannot return it due to the fact that my waranty has been up now for several years. I would appreciate and help, I am at my last straw.

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