My Sony Xperia U Phone, why does the volume up button only work some of the time?


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Aug 14, 2014
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Sony Xperia U Phone Volume Up Button Problems


This problem started a few days ago, and has never happened before. I notice that when I press the volume up button, it sometimes works properly but most of the time when I press it once the volume just jumps up to the highest volume possible, or to a higher volume than I wanted, no matter the original volume. Like for example, the volume would be at 5/12 and when I press the volume up button once it just goes straight to 12/12 (or sometimes goes to for example 10/12) instead of 6/12. The volume down button seems to be working fine though. I am wondering if it will be fixed with a factory reset, or is it more of a hardware problem?

Help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Phone Model: ST25a
Android version: 4.0.4