Optimus Half-Bricked


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May 30, 2012
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I own an Optimus One (Telus, Canada) which after being rooted was factory reset (big mistake I (now) know).

The problem I'm facing is:

When I turn the phone on I can see both the telus and then the LG logo. The phone boots and I can see the screen with the vibrate and unlock sliders. After I unlock the phone (with the slider), on the screen there are the Bluetooth, signal and battery icons and the clock.
But that's all I can see on screen all the rest is black.

When I connect the phone to my pc I can see the usb mass storage option (on the phone's screen). And the orange/green android showing usb mass storage is in use/not in use.

When I press the home button nothing happens, but I can slide down to see the notifications.

I'm not good with those fancy android words but I think the phone has no launcher or whatever the word is.

Can anybody please help me ???