POLL: Best Note 9 Protective Case Showdown

POLL: Best Note 9 Protective Case Showdown

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Sep 21, 2018
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I am doing a poll as well for all the protective case. Feel free to choose your best Note 9 case.

  • UAG Plasma Ash
  • RhinoShield SolidSuit (Carbon Fibre)
  • RhinoShield CrashGuard
  • Supcase UB Style

1) Note 9 UAG Plasma Ash

Military design and the combination of rubber & polycarbonate. There are 5 rubber type of screws which I think is just the design of the case. The four corners are slightly bigger, so there will be a small gap between the surface and the back of the case which to avoid being scratch. Besides, the 4 corners will be heavier, therefore when you drop your phone :eek:, the gravity force will caused the phone to drop at the corner so that your screen will be safe. Besides, there is a slanting design for the fingerprint sensor area which I bet will make you easier to reach & feel the sensor. The Plasma Ash if blended nicely with the Black Panther Note 9.

Back of the Case

There is honeycomb pattern for the inner part of the case which I suppose it is for shock absorb.

Top & Bottom
Ports and button cutout is perfect.

Side & Raise
There will a raise near the top & the bottom of the case which will protect your phone when you drop it. Button feedback is good while the case is grippy too. It's feel good in the hand!

Overall is a good quality case and I highly recommended to those who wish to worry-free about their mightly Note 9. I will rate this case 9.5/10.

2) RhinoShield Solid Suit (Carbon Fibre series)

All the cutouts are perfectly aligned. Home button, volume buttons & Bixby button are clicky but not as tactile as UAG case. Access of SPEN is easy, however you are require to use your finger to poke the cutout in order for you to get the SPEN. I love the carbon fibre textures at the back of the case which give you the premium look of your phone. I will say the case feel really good in my hand with little grippy feel and they use minor rough matte finish for both side of the case. There are honeycomb pattern inside the phone which it suppose to absorb the force when you drop your phone.

Overall is a great case with premium look. Besides, it has military standard drop test 'checked' so you should not worry about the protection. There are lips which cover the top & bottom of the front screen which will protect your phone well if you drop your phone front face. Definitely a major-go for the case. This case definitely deserve the rate 9.5/10. Below are all the photos :








3) RhinoShield CrashGuard

This is a well-known bumper case for it's great protection with minimal bulky. All the cutouts are perfectly aligned. Buttons are clicky, in fact the home button even have better tactile feeling compare with SolidSuit Series. SPEN access same with SolidSuit. There are lips at the top and the bottom of the case either back and front which helps to protect your phone when you drop your phone in either direction.

There is a free back protector come with the case. This is gonna to be my daily case once I got my Dbrand skin. I will do another round of review to see whether this bumper case is compatible with the Dbrand skin. This case definitely for people who wish to have a protective case while showing off the back and thinnest of your phone. The side of the case using the rough matte finish too which gave you grippy feel. Overall, I will rate this case 9/10. You can refer all the photos as below:







4) Supcase UB Style

This is a hybrid case between TPU & Polycarbonate which also have military drop standard. It has a clear plastic back which allow you to show off your phone without compromise the drop protection. All the cutouts are perfectly aligned and buttons are clicky too. However, I am dislike the flat buttons design which sometimes causing me hard to locate the buttons especially for a big long phone like Note 9. As usual, there will be minor rainbow effect at the back if you are not using any skin or back protector. SPen cutouts is easy to access.

There are lips at the bottom and top of your phone which protect your phone when drop it face down. However, this case is as slippery as soap. The side finishing is smooth TPU which makes the case extremely slippery if you tend to sweat a lot. Overall, I will rate this case 7.5/10. Check out all the photos below:







1) Ultimate Protection with Unique Look = UAG Plasma Ash
2) Great Protection with Premium Look = Rhinoshield SolidSuit
3) Great Protection with Sleek Look = Rhinoshield CrashGuard (personal preference)


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Jul 23, 2015
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Not a fan of Defender series, too bulky for me. I always look for great protection with minimal bulky. But for those working at construction or heavy duty environment, maybe Defender series is their option.
They are not as bulky as they used to be, the s9 version for example is just about the same size as the Unicorn Beetle Pro

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Jun 21, 2015
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They are not as bulky as they used to be, the s9 version for example is just about the same size as the Unicorn Beetle Pro

The Supcase Unicorn for the Note 9 looks interesting with the kickstand, but I read a lot that people get cracks in their phone still when dropped because the supcase is so stiff unlike the Defender with the more softer outer layer that absorbs impact better.

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