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Joshua Luther1

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Dec 9, 2013
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As much as I hate Nova as a company, I paid for mine long long ago before their current situation. So I am using it because there just isn't another launcher that lets me use my phone the way Nova does, so I am stuck.

I also know that it's 100% on me for this and am not saying other launchers suck, there are some great ones I tested, but just don't work for whatever reason.

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Agreed. I love using Nova but I'm trying to get used to the stock Pixel Launcher because there aren't any other third party launchers that come close to Nova. I just don't like the stock icon size so I may return to Nova despite it being owned by a data mining company. I like to have my most used apps in folders on my home page and with the stock icon size and 5x5 grid, there's just no room.

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