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Apr 1, 2018
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I have been seeing so many deals from Samsung recently for the S23 Ultra. The most recent being if I trade in my S21U, I can get 750 for it towards an S23 Ultra. That's more than I paid for my S21U, so that's pretty good. However, I don't have money to spare lol And I don't know if I can really say that it's completely necessary, as my S21U, which I only got a year ago, still works great. I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm not as big of a fan of the boxy nature of the note-style phones. I found that the more rounded corners is easier to hold, and seems to help with scratch resistance. I also don't relish having to make payments on a new 400-500 dollar device when I don't necessarily need to. Any thoughts?

Joshua Luther1

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Dec 9, 2013
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I'd say if you're happy with your S21 ultra, then keep it. If you are planning on always paying a monthly payment on a phone, then maybe it makes sense to upgrade. I always budget for a monthly payment on a phone, so if I can get a new phone without having to pay any extra per month, I usually try and get the best that I can afford. I will say, it's probably not the wisest investment given how much money I spend on phones each year. But I use it and rely on it every day and I insist on having the best. That's just the season I'm in right now in my life. I listen to music and podcasts throughout my day and watch a lot of YouTube. I admittedly don't use the cameras as much as I used to when my kids were toddlers. They are now 14 and 11 so I don't spend every minute with them during the day and capturing every cute moment. I would give anything to have better quality photos and videos of them when they were babies and toddlers. I look back and see those pictures and videos, and they are horrendous. That's what we had available and am thankful for them. I will say I have some pictures that I took in 2006 from a point and shoot digital camera, all outdoor pictures, that look way better than the indoor pictures from my S3 and Galaxy Nexus that I had.

I had the S21 ultra and it took some amazing shots. Battery life wasn't the best but it's a great phone. I would say at a minimum, 3 years seems to be a good time to upgrade. So if I were you, I'd wait another 6-12 months if you don't want a monthly payment.
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