Samsung Galaxy S - Cache Cleaner App question


Dec 3, 2010
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Hello - I have a friend with a Samsung Galaxy S. Over the last 3 days, he's unable to connect to and retrieve or send any email. I have an Android device of my own (Optimus), but agreed to help. We had all of his ISP required settings for POP-3 access. What I found is that the incoming/outgoing server strings were corrupted. Looked like he had several characters that were appended to the ends of the incoming and outgoing fields. Seemed simple to me - delete the offending characters was what we first tried. Still didn't work at all - so revisited the settings. The same corrupting characters were present. Re-tried carefully deleting and re-typing to overlay the entire strings. But again, email didn't work. Recalled the settings and again the old values are still there. I had him do a hard reset - turn off phone, remove battery, wait 30 seconds, re-start. The old corrupted values remain.

So, I asked him to go in and delete the email account totally. Restarted the phone and attempted to reconstruct the email account data. But the old account/crud is still there and won't release. We then called AT&T (the carrier) and had them walk it through. They gave him the same basic data but insisted on alternate in/out port values. We were unable to install these new port values because athough the new values would apply but upon revisitng the settings, the old values kept showing up. Recalled AT&T who said to back up the data and return the phone.

I'd like to try a cache cleaning application for the Samsung before going that far. Since I'm unfamiliar with Samsung, could someone tell me where to find a good quality cache cleaning/clearing appliction that can work with the Samsung? I also wonder if someone else may have run into this behavior before?

Thanks for your time.



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Dec 25, 2010
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Wao this seems very complicated. What about just doing a factory reset, maybe some internal software became corrupted.

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