San Francisco - as bad as it looks?


Mr. Wonderful
May 31, 2021
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I live in London.

I did a 15 day trip to the West Coast in 1998!
My last 10 days were based in San Francisco.
I did without a car for the final 5 days.

I caught one or two small articles recently about some increased crime and homelessness issues in the City.

However, over the last few days I watched a You Tube channel that walks the streets.

Everywhere, virtually, is closed.
Market, Powell etc

Those isolated stores, coffee chains or high end stores like Louis Vuitton that remain open have either private security or a permanent police presence with mobile control centres on the streets outside.

Pavements are in disrepair, cycle lanes run between sidewalk and bus / tram stops similar to here.

Comments include smells like urine everywhere, but those were just comments.

I've yet to watch another video that says Embarcadero is empty. I bought a new ticket from United Airlines there.

I watched some daahcam drive arounds last year on another channel that were mostly away from the centre (Lombard St, Nobb Hill to the highways and back) and it didn't seem too different from what I remembered, just quieter. They once went near the piers and it just looked quiet after the pandemic but not too different I guess.

Are there still nice areas?
It's seems really horrendous in my once favourite city. Very sad.

Apparently more tourists are coming back, like for the Powell Street tram stop, but all around there is desolation.

I hope it will turn around.
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