SOLVED: OxygenOS 14.0 silent notifications

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Jul 25, 2023
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Ever since the update to Android 14 there has been an issue with silent notifications. According to the verbiage in "Set as silent" in Settings, "Silent applications will not be shown on the Lock screen or in the status bar and you will not be alerted by them. You can view them only in the notification drawer." GREAT, but it doesn't work! It does indeed show the notification within the drawer as Silent, but the notification bar icon is still there too. I had hoped that the next update from 1+ would fix this, but nope. I received a combination feature and security update yesterday (now s/w version # CPH2551_14.0.0.702(EX01), but the silent notification issue was still there.

I was able to find a workaround with the free AutoNotification app. You need to either start the app's full feature trial or do an in-app purchase ($0.99) for "Notification Categories." Select the app(s) and channel desired and set them to low importance . OxygenOS had set them to 'high' which is contrary to Google documentation for silent notifications and undoubtedly why they acted the way they did.
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