Why won't my mobile data work?


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Mobile data won't work

I live in the UK. We just returned from a holiday in Wales and NOT ONCE could I get Internet access on my Samsung Galaxy S4! I recently upgraded the Android OS to 5.0 so I'm wondering if that could have affected it. I have a pay monthly contract with Tesco mobile and I think they use the O2 network. I had both "mobile data" and "data roaming" checked. The phone signal was fine.

Now that I'm back home in Kent, it works (sort of) but still find some things won't work, like downloading something from the Google Play Store. My phone contract is finished this month, so I'd really like to know whether to consider upgrading my phone or changing mobile providers.


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Dec 25, 2013
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Re: Mobile data won't work

Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

I am not sure if having data roaming on affects the regular data reception. I am also not sure the Welsh will thank you for regarding them as foreigners .

I assume you tried with data roaming off as well.

I see O2 share some masts with Vodafone, but their coverage in Wales is patchy, though probably no worse than others.

I noticed a signal and data decline since Lollipop on my backup Motorola, but haven't investigated or found much threads on the issue.

I would regard EE as the best for data coverage in my area, SW London. I tried it for 3 months on a second phone, but stuck with Three for the unlimited data for now. Three might work better for you if you are in a remote area as they have a low frequency band as part of their acquired spectrum (travels further), but have much less overall spectrum than bigger networks like EE, O2 and Vodafone.

Some purchased devices don't have the full range of 4g/LTE bands for each network, but it's less critical than in the States.

It's a question of suck it and see. Check coverage on the network sites, and I would narrow them down for value.
Carphone Warehouse's new MVNO (piggyback) network, TPO, uses Three.

Some devices have better cell and data radios than others also, Motorola have traditionally been good, and the Asus Zenfone 2 is supposed to be very good in that department.

On Edit: also you could have tried switching the preferred network type to 3g or gsm, in More Networks - Mobile Networks, but 4G /Auto should have been OK.