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    I have a new Nexus 4 - around about a month old - which has developed an odd display issue as of a few days ago. I would describe it as a smear like blemish / discoloration running vertically along the left side of the display, but only visible when certain colors - usually grays - are onscreen. For example, the background of the stock calculator app, the subscription list in greader, and chrome with all tabs closed. It disappears when the device has been off a while, but returns pretty quickly as it warms up again. I describe it as a smear since it has a slight curve to it and it not a constant width.

    Google has already agreed to send a new device if I wish, but they say that I will have to pay for it if they cannot reproduce the issue. Really wish they had a shop in SF that I could just take it into and walk out with a new device :/

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or experienced a display problem such as this?

    Thanks :)
    09-02-2013 10:28 PM
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    Bummer, was hoping this might be something that others have experienced and have some advice re whether it progressed / got worse. Google seems willing to exchange the device (even tho I get the impression they do not believe my description of the issue) but sadly they are no longer stocking the white model, so I end up with a version of the phone I had earlier chosen not to purchase
    09-06-2013 02:09 PM

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