1. still1's Avatar
    for free!!! The good part is its brand new. I was still under warranty
    I will get the device it 2 days. Now i need to convince my wife to get a Pixel 2 for myself in a month time.
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    09-11-2017 03:58 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    why did they do that?
    09-11-2017 06:58 PM
  3. Knyte's Avatar
    doing the same thing to me. something about no stock left for 6p so a new pixel XL is the only option.
    09-11-2017 09:52 PM
  4. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    Looks like Google is replacing quite a few 6Ps purchased directly from Google with new Pixel XLs. Some are even getting replacements out of warranty if their 6P has boot loop or battery issue. Probably don't have enough 6Ps for all the RMAs.
    Wouldn't mind getting a new Pixel XL but my 6P still looks and works like a brand new phone.
    09-12-2017 09:33 PM
  5. RickInHouston's Avatar
    Time to boot up my 6P with a cracked screen to see if the battery is working. Might just need to send it in and take a chance!
    09-13-2017 07:44 AM
  6. Martog's Avatar
    I got my Pixel XL 128GB today to replace my Nexus 6P 64GB, I had Nexus Protect so I knew I was going to get something because the 6P BLOD on me, was pleasantly surprised it was a brand new phone.
    09-13-2017 09:21 PM
  7. Christine Aflak's Avatar
    This is amazing. Let's hope in a years time, I'll be getting a Pixel XL 3 as a replacement for whatever my phone will be going through.
    09-14-2017 07:23 AM
  8. ccps's Avatar
    I just pulled the same trigger on my 6p. getting a 128gig Pixel XL. the only way this works is if you bought your phone from Google. No cracked screen. no root and it supposedly displays one of the two issues of the phone shutting down at certain battery levels or the boot loop issue.
    09-14-2017 06:36 PM
  9. puch96's Avatar
    got my replacement today!
    09-14-2017 11:55 PM
  10. SRFast's Avatar
    My N6P has the battery issue. Purchased it directly from Google Store with Nexus Protection in late October 2015. Google replaced it with a new Pixel XL. It has shipped and scheduled for delivery Monday.
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    09-15-2017 04:47 AM
  11. bcbbanga4l's Avatar
    has anyone received it yet? if so is it new with original box?
    09-18-2017 01:40 PM
  12. RickInHouston's Avatar
    So if you have a 6p with cracked screen and bought it from Google they repair it and send you back your device. Isn't the 6p when they started the 'you get one free cracked screen replacement' deal?
    09-18-2017 03:28 PM
  13. callanish's Avatar
    has anyone received it yet? if so is it new with original box?
    Yes, it's brand new. Got a black 128GB Pixel XL to replace my battery failing 6P. Overnight shipping, free return shipping for the 6P and I got to keep the charger and usb-c cable from the 6P. In fact, dropped the 6P off at the post office at 10am. At 1pm, get an email in from Google saying thanks for the return of your old phone. Honestly can't complain about anything from this whole experience. Google recognized they released a defective phone with the 6P, made good on that by replacing it with the pixel XL, plus made the whole experience quick and easy. Even the adapter in the pixel xl box made it a breeze to transfer all my data to the pixel. This excellent service and project-fi cements me as a loyal customer. All I need now is for Google to release a tablet to replace my Nexus 7 2013.

    Edit: looks like Google has changed its policy regarding replacing devices. If you still have google protect on your 6P, as I did, I still believe they will help with a replacement, but out of warranty owners now will probably hit a brick wall with Google's customer service.

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    09-18-2017 08:27 PM
  14. ChuckG73's Avatar
    They replaced my 32 gb 6P with a 32 gb pixel XL.
    Yesterday 12:43 PM
  15. bcbbanga4l's Avatar
    Thanks got mine too. Sent old one back same night. Next morning was given refund. Now im debating whether or not to continue with the pixel or my OnePlus3T. Given that Google was so awesome throught the whole process and the pixel is an awesome device might return back to Google.
    Yesterday 02:21 PM
  16. bcbbanga4l's Avatar
    So apparently there is an issue with emails being sent out. I received an email stating my device was returned however it is still on its way back to them. In addition Google refunded the auth and the next day took back the refund.
    Today 06:52 AM

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