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    Just want to see if anyone else has noticed this issue...

    I use Tasker to automatically turn on WiFi Hotspot when I get in my car because I have a 7" Android Tablet that I use as my "infotainment" center. It turns Wifi Hotspot off when I disconnect from my car's Bluetooth. I noticed it wasn't working right on the Turbo and after trying several Apps that have Wifi Hotspot toggles found two issues connected to hotspot:
    1) 3rd Party apps can turn HotSpot on but not off (Confirmed via Widgetsoid, Tasker, Llama, Secure Settings)
    2) If you use a 3rd Party app to turn Hotspot on, then when you turn it off in Moto Settings, it doesn't automatically turn Wifi Back on like it should

    I'm assuming this is a bug since every phone I've ever had I've been able to use any 3rd party app to toggle hotspot on/off but haven't seen anyone else mention it in any forums and just wondering if anyone else has tried it.
    11-22-2014 01:30 AM

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