Cell standby using close to 70 of my battery. How can I fix this?


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Jul 28, 2015
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Cell standby using close to 70% of my battery.

I have an Apex 9in tablet (AP-GS918) , I had two previous that was getting frozen on the boot screen, so had to send them back to customer service. This is the first time using this last one I received, I fully charged it and set it up, used it yesterday and the battery only lasted maybe 3 hrs on a full charge. I looked at battery settings and noticed cell standby was using 70% of the battery. I looked up the problem and switched to airplane mode as recommended. Even with that it's still using 68% of the battery, and draining it fast. It seems to be a problem with it searching for a cell signal, but I'm only using this on a home Wi-Fi connection, and that's all I'm wanting it for.

The previous two Apex tablets never had this problem, and a 7in tablet I've been using doesn't do this. Is there some way to fix this, besides airplane mode? Right now the battery usage shows 69% cell standby, 12% screen, 11% android system, 7% Wi-Fi, and 1% tablet idle.

Even though it's in airplane mode, the details for cell standby say 69% battery used by cell radio, time on 1hr 16m 57s, time without a signal 100%.

If I use the power and volume buttons and go into hard reset, there is an option for upgrade 3g modem firmware (v1.0.0.1), would this help or fix it?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Cell standby using close to 70% of my battery.

If it's using cell standby when it's in airplane mode, it's defective. Request another replacement. Keep requesting replacements until you get one that works. (If it costs them enough, maybe they'll actually check one before they send it to you.)

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