Fingerprint scanner/power button...adding second print


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Feb 22, 2011
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When I received my V20 several months ago, I immediately added a second fingerprint. It worked great for several weeks, then the second print failed to unlock the phone. I've been trying to reset the second print ever since, but kept getting the message that the sensor was dirty and needed to be cleaned. I actually removed the first print and was able to add it again without any problems. But I was never able to add the second print. Well, today a strange thing happened. Determined, I attempted to add that second print. I kept getting the dirty sensor message, but I persisted to try, changing the finger positioning each time. Intermittently, I received a message to scan the sides of the finger and all parts of the finger. All the while, I would get the dirty sensor message. I ignored it and kept going with the scan on the various parts of my finger. OK! This story is long enough already. But after my persistence, I accepted the second print and...Ouila! Both prints are accepted and operate like a charm. So, if anyone else is having this problem (and I've noticed a few who have), just make sure you're scanning a different part of the finger and ignore the dirty sensor notice. Hopefully, it'll work for you. :D

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