Galaxy S3 Help :(


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Nov 20, 2014
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Hi guys. So heres my problems. I have a Galaxy S3 which I imported from China. Its been awesome so far but 2 weeks ago I tried to change a font and the phone got stuck on a boot logo cycle thing so I used Odin to flash it back to factory but I think maybe I flashed the wrong file as now it has the following issues. I can send out text messages about once a day and have to remove the battery and sim then restart b4 I can send more. I have issues with receiving voice mail. I cannot log in to hotmail "authentication Failed" and I am sure other issues that I haven't yet discovered. The phone also has differences in appearance on screen and a few small other changes pre installed programmes etc. It says on the back it was an at&t phone. Do i need to install a different factory rom to make it work here in New Zealand. I am unsure what rom it originally had but the file I flashed it with was - ZIP archive, unpacked size 1,499,092,050 bytes off the sammobile site. it has 4.4.2 on it now. Anybody got any ideas as I really want to sort it out. Cheers and sorry if I missed any info you need.