How can i a mod or cm 9 if i have already rooted my phone?


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I rooted my phone with ministro II, ****, superuser, etc. And I am trying to use 'quick boot' but i don't get any options of the following guide: "Installing CyanogenMod"

Step 1. Transfer the CyanogenMod ROM and the Google Apps package to the internal storage of your Android device.

Step 2. Get 'team win recovery project' app

Step 3: Once you have transferred the ROM, you will need to reboot (restart) your Android device into Recovery mode.
Start the app, select the Recovery option and grant root access to it so that your device can reboot into the custom recovery.

Step 4: After booting into recovery mode, you will need to wipe the /data and /system partition of your Android device. Head over to the Wipe option, and then use the swipe bar at the bottom to do a factory reset of your Android device.
Do not use the format data option as it will wipe the internal storage of your Android device. To format the system partition, tap the Advanced Wipe option, select System from the list of partitions, and then swipe the bottom bar to the right to wipe it.

Step 5: At this point, your Android device is essentially without any OS. You will now have to install CyanogenMod on it by tapping the Install button in TWRP. Then navigate to the CyanogenMod ROM file that you had transferred to your device in Step 1. Make sure you are under /sdcard, and not under the /system or any other folder. Otherwise you will not be able to find the file or for that matter, any other file saved in the internal storage of your Android device.
Step 6: After installing the ROM, you will also have to install the Google Apps package on your Android device. The process to install it remains the same — simply tap Install and select the Google Apps ZIP file.

Once the file has been installed, select the Reboot system option to boot your Android device into CM12. The first boot can take some time so be patient.

PLEASE HELP I am stuck