Upgrading Brand New S5 to Marshmallow

Tony Android

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Jul 27, 2012
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I have a NOS (new old stock) S5 SM-G900P (Sprint / Ting) on the way to me from e-bay. I got it for $220, not bad for a former flagship phone.

I'm thinking that the best thing to do is to upgrade the OS from KitKat to Marshmallow as soon as I activate the phone, before installing any apps or migrating any user data like a contact list.

Buying from ebay, there is no warranty and if the OS upgrade goes bad, I could be left holding a brick. The other upgrade issue that I dread would be the common complaint of greatly reduced battery life.

My two questions are:

First, can I upgrade (OTA preferred) from KitKat straight to Marshmallow (skipping Lollipop)?

Second, considering the upgrade would be from dead stock KitKat (no apps installed, no user data) to Marshmallow, are the odds of the upgrade having serious bugs close to zero?


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Mar 9, 2015
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